Shanna | Passion

Shanna is an amazing and incredibly beautiful woman who has been through so many difficult and challenging trials in her life. She has tackled incredible odds after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma where the traditional medical community told her she would never survive... and never be able to have children. In spite of the negative and disheartening news she received so many years ago when she was pregnant with her son, Hunter, Shanna overcame the odds. She, her loving husband, Ryan, and her friends and family began an incredible fight for her life. Shanna reached deep into her beliefs and her soul. She knew she would not only survive, but she KNEW she would have a beautiful healthy and strong son.

I met Shanna several years ago. From the first moment I was in her circle of energy, I knew I was meeting a very special and blessed being. She glows with love and passion. She is tall, elegant and radiant. She fought an incredible fight for her and her son's lives. And she not only survived, she exceeded all expectations with passion!!!

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