About the Artist

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As an artist, I am often asked how I decided to paint on silk. My journey to become a silk artist has not been a traditional path.

I have always been in love with the arts, especially painting and colors. During my school years prior to university, I enjoyed pushing the envelope with colors. When I mixed colors to create unique palates resulted in assignments that were loved by some art teachers and others not so much!

Despite my love of art and fashion, my very supportive, wonderful, and conservative parents had taught me to be practical. Thus, I chose to pursue a degree in business. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from Virginia Tech, I began a very successful marketing career. After several years selling for other people, I helped to build a very successful business buying, selling, and brokering power boats. As a partner in the boating firm, I enjoyed the interaction with my customers and extremely amazing people I met through my 22 years in my business.

During those years, as a mother to two wonderful boys, a wife, and a business partner, I was urged to focus on creating success through family and business as a partner. I didn’t realize at the time the suppression of my creativity was affecting my happiness. But then, I was gifted the opportunity to begin to follow MY passion! After becoming happily independent, I decided it was time to walk away from the noise, fumes, and drudgery of the boating business and begin to create color in the world of art as a working artist.

handmade silk scarves
silk womens scarves

Although 25 years ago I had wanted to learn to paint on silk, I wasn’t able to take a class. So I bought a book. I tried to learn, but the results were not satisfactory. I put the book on a shelf and continued to dabble in watercolors and acrylics as a hobby.

The universe then brought my attention to a class to learn silk painting. With much trepidation, I decided it was time to invest in my dreams. I dug into my precious little savings to take the class. As soon as my brush touched silk for the first time, I felt like I was breathing the first true breath I had breathed in over 24 years. I felt like I was finally allowed to be me once again.

Since that moment, I have thrown myself into my passion. Each piece is designed individually with custom blended colors. All specific designs are drawn freehand using a water-based wax resist. The abstract pieces are each designed with a purpose in mind. Every movement is made by brush and by hand. No two pieces of my work are ever alike.

I love my work and am passionate about creating unique, one of a kind art that will be enjoyed for a lifetime or longer. I am to create art that can be worn, shown, displayed on a wall or over the shoulder in colors that will bring joy, love, and passion to everyone who has a Silk Creation by Janey.

Thank You!
~ Janey

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