Rosie | Beautiful Roses

When I started the Beautiful Roses series, I knew that of course I would love to name it after the incredible Rosie. What was surprising about the timing of the situation is the beautiful part of this story. I met Rosie several years ago when she and her husband, Pete, moved to Costa Rica with their lab, Gussie. Rosie is a fitness instructor and is one of the most energetic and loving bundles of joy I have ever met! Even on my saddest day, to hear "Hey Baby! How are you?!!!" brings joy, love, passion and happiness to my soul. I decided I wanted to try to paint roses on a sarong as my first piece in the series. As I was painting this very large piece of silk, I knew I was going to name the series for this beautiful and joyful woman. What I didn't know was that at the same time Rosie was having a very emotionally difficult blow.

As she was walking her adorable 11-month-old bulldog puppy, Otis, along with Gussie on the beach, Otis was run over by a motorcycle. Sadly the driver did not stop. Otis was severely injured and the petite but strong Rosie had to carry this muscular and heavy dog home for over a mile. Due to the amazing people and friends in our little town in Costa Rica, Rosie and Pete were able to get Otis stabilized and scheduled transport for him to the best animal hospital in San Jose. I didn't know but that at that moment, I was composing my message to Rosie asking her if she would honor me and be the face of my Rosie series. Her response was so beautiful and touching. She would be honored and as I write this with tears in my eyes remembering that moment, I am honored that she is the Rosie of my Roses series.

Otis had a crushed pelvis and many other injuries. But since he was able to get to the hospital in San Jose, he received incredible care and is back home and on the beach playing again.

painted silk blouse