Natrishka | Hibiscus

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Natrishka is an incredibly beautiful and amazing young woman. She is undeniably beautiful on the outside and she is even more beautiful on the inside. I met Natrishka at a local Nosara cafe, Robin's Ice Cream, when I was speaking with a friend about my son leaving to go to school in Victoria, British Columbia.

To give a little background to this story, it was mid-afternoon and I had just gone to Robin's to get a Hibiscus tea. I noticed this incredibly beautiful woman sitting at a table close to my friend's table. To say that I was intimidated by her beauty is an understatement. I had seen her before but she always seemed a little elusive. So, as I was speaking with my friend about my son, Price, I said he was going to school at the University of Victoria. At that point, Natrishka turned to me and said..."Hi, I am from Victoria... I can tell you a lot about the area." I then looked at her and when our eyes met, I knew I was meeting a really special person who would and has become a dear friend. Since that point, I have learned about this amazing and passionate person. She lives her life with love and goodness. She is a Reiki masseuse and truly has healing hands. I am so incredibly fortunate that on that day, when I wanted a Hibiscus tea, Natrishka was sitting just a table away.

So, the more I got to know this incredible young woman, I found that each time I was in her presence, I felt incredible peace and joy. Natrishka now lives in Costa Rica with her beautiful daughter. Natrishka embodies the Hibiscus series because she brings such beauty and love to this world.

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