Kristen | Rainbows

When the first Rainbow scarf was created, I did not have a name for the series. After sending photos of the scarf for many of my family and friends to see, my Aunt Kay sent me a message that my cousin, Kristen, had loved rainbows.

My family is very special to me. My Aunt Kay is my father's sister. Her daughter was Kristen. Sadly, Kristen developed cancer at a very early age and passed away too soon. Kristen was incredibly fortunate to have an amazing mom and also was blessed to have had a beautiful daughter, Taylor.

Therefore, since Kristen's favorite things were Rainbows, I name this series for her...  along with the face of the series, her daughter, Taylor.

Rainbows mean so much to so many people. They bring joy, equality, love and happiness!! This series is one of the most difficult to paint. The colors have to blend just right to create the correct fusion of the colors. I love to paint the Kristen series and I am blessed to have such beautiful women in my family!!