Beth | Dragonflies

Beth is such a radiant and beautiful woman. She truly embodies strength, love and goodness. We met by chance because I went to see her to have some body work done. Immediately I knew this was a woman who lived and breathed love and goodness in her every day life.

I have been blessed to have gotten to know her better and better in the last couple of years. Beth has an amazing background steeping in strength, intelligence and goodness. As I write her story as I know it, I will honor a part of it by being very conscientious to respect her and her story.

Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Beth went into a professional field that demanded strength, courage, passion, empathy and most of all patience. She worked very hard to try and keep her "work" from taking away from her personal life by shedding the persona she had to become during the hours when she was working. In spite of knowing that was best, her work began to creep into her private and personal life. Her work was demanding, difficult and very draining on such an empathic and loving person. So after many years of loving her work and working very hard, including being promoted more quickly than most people in her line of work, She had to make the decision about what was the healthiest path she could take. She decided to make a change.

Beth decided that she would be happier and could help people better by becoming a body worker. he specializes in healing body work and massage. When she works with you on a healing session, Beth passes amazing and wonderful healing energy throughout your soul. She truly is a passionately special person. She is an incredible healer and has amazing energy.

I decided to name the dragonfly series for Beth after she shared something about herself with me. She did not know that I was developing a series featuring dragonflies when she told me her story. We were talking about energies from the earth and from nature. Beth said that every time she walks into a garden, she is surrounded by dragonflies!! They have landed on her, stared her in the eyes and swarm her with their beautiful energy. As she was telling me this story, I had goosebumps knowing I had to name the series for her. It is with love and honor that Beth is the muse of my dragonfly series!

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