Angie | Fire

Nosara, Costa Rica is a very unique and special although sometimes frustrating place. There are many wonderful people who have called it home for many, many years. I first went to Nosara in the late 1990's. There was a young and incredibly beautiful woman who was passionate about her beliefs and made sure that she stood strong on all of her convictions. I not only met Angie at the time, I also got to know her well enough to say that she truly is one of my dearest and closest friends.

I knew as soon as I developed the Fire series who I would name the series after. Incredibly smart and amazing in her dedication to her close friends, Angie is truly someone with fire in her soul. When she loves, she loves with fiery dedication. She also is incredibly honest. She is incredibly true about her opinions and her feelings. The very best thing about Angie, though, is her dedication and stalwart backing of her friends. Angie truly has your back and does it with heat and passion. She really is a woman with fire in her soul!!!

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