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Silk Creations By Janey LLC
Annapolis, Maryland
I was then gifted with the opportunity to follow my passion!  
After changing my official status from married to divorced, I
was able to begin to follow my dreams.  Almost 20 years ago, I
had purchased a book on how to paint on silk.  I tried being
self-taught, but the results were not satisfactory so I put it
aside and continue to dabble with watercolors and acrylics as
a hobby.

The universe then brought my attention to a class to learn silk
painting.  With a little trepidation, I decided that I would invest in
my dreams. I dug into my precious little savings to take the
class.  As soon as my brush touched the silk for the first time, I
felt like I was breathing the first true breath I had breathed in
over 22 years.  I felt like I was finally me once again.

After several classes and a lot of mistakes, I began seeing the
results of my passions.  I learned the difference in the various
types of silks on the market.  I studied the process of how silk
is made from the cocoon of the silk moth.  I began studying the
effect of color on our emotion and eventually began to study the
healing effects of Chromo therapy.
It was during this time that I was on the
journey of healing from my marriage
ending, a brutal and painful surprise to
me but ultimately a blessing.  During this
time of my life, I reached out to some of
the most amazing and incredible women
who honored me by being my support
system during the rebuilding of my true
The decision was then made that I would believe in myself and my love for my art.  
I started Silk Creations by Janey with the complete devotion to bringing the most
beautiful hand painted silks that I can create to the world.  I knew that I wanted
each silk to be a unique piece of art that radiates with the passion that I paint the
silk.  I also realized that when I paint certain silks that the wonderful energies that
radiate from the friends who are such a blessing in my life were being channeled
into my designs.  It was at that moment that I decided to create the series named
after these women.

I approached each of the women individually and asked if they would honor me by
allowing me to name my series after them.  The response was universally
incredibly supportive and beautiful.  The amazing connection between the women
and the series named after them is astounding.  Each person in this world
emanates incredible energy and I am humbled by the fact that when I paint a
series, I truly feel the energies of these women.

I do want to say that there are two very special series that are not named after the
friends who are in my life now.  

I began a boating series that is named after my father’s sailboat, Tranquility.  I
was very close to my father who passed away in 2009.  I sailed often with him and
was so fortunate to have sailed from the Caribbean back to the US quite a few
times.  I would also sail with him when I was a young girl after I would come home
from school and he wanted to work on the boat.  Those memories energize me
when I am painting my boating series.

This website and all my social media is an open door-invitation to join me. I have
so many stories to tell. Every one is unique. I tell them with a brush, color, silk and
my heart. Please follow me on my journey. Taking a few moments to appreciate
efforts made to accomplish an impossible task...tell a unique story with my art.

Thank you!
Surrounding myself with these powerfully strong women was one of the most enlightening and
empowering periods in my life.  Each of these women were there in the times of tears, the
moments of amazement and most important the realization that I am truly gifted by the universe
to call these amazing women my true and beautiful friends.