Silk Creations By Janey LLC
Annapolis, Maryland
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As an artist, I am honored to finally be able to act upon my passions in my life to allow my life to be so interesting and make
my dreams come true.  I have been on an amazing journey until now when my true place on this earth is finally being
realized.  I believe the universe has given me this gift so that I can truly channel my love of life, the joy in colors, my
connections with others and open myself to my true dreams that I have always had within my soul.
I have always been in love with the arts,
especially painting, but I had not found
my true passion until I discovered hand
painting on silks.  As a child, I loved art.  
I especially enjoyed mixing colors to
bring interesting results to my
assignments in art class.  My art
teachers sometimes loved it and
sometimes not so much!
In spite of my love for art, my practical side and most of the world told me I
would be smarter to pursue a career in business.  So, although I
continued to dabble with my passion for painting on the side, I followed
the conservative suggestions and achieved a Bachelor of Science in
Marketing and Management from Virginia Tech.  I am blessed that I
received a wonderful education and was able to work in my chosen field
for over 30 years.  

During those years, I had a wonderful life performing the most important
job of raising my two incredible sons.  I also was a partner in a business
that bought, sold and brokered power boats.  I enjoyed the interaction with
my customers and all the interesting and extremely amazing people who I
met through my 22 years in my business.
It is with the highest regards that I invite you
into my world. Please take a moment and
browse our
showcase gallery.

A store has been set up for any purchases
you may consider. I also want to invite you
to follow me on my
ongoing blog. This will
be continually updated with happenings
and an intimate look inside the world of Silk

I love what I do and I truly wish to share
myself with you as I translate it with Brush,
color and silk.

Please feel free to
contact me if you have
any feedback or I can answer any
questions you may have.
Painting silk